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Hello Current & Future Musicans,

Welcome to Ivory & Strings Music Studio!


Interested in learning or expanding your musical skills?

You have tuned in to the right place!

Explore this site and see what "Instrument and Courses" that are available to you!

Enrolment is open with a few remaining spots left

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Love the music, feel the sound,
Ivory & Strings Music Studio

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Sheet Music and Guitar




Music is a lifelong journey and discovery and here at Ivory & Strings Music Studio, established since 2013, provides many ways to learn musical instruments through a range of courses, focusing on practical, technique, theory, aural and sight-reading.

Further more, up-skilling musicianship with composition, arranging, performances and improvisation through the use of technology.

Created in a happy and safe environment to grow to become versatile musicians.

Process & Approach


Our Process once enquires have been made and interest to enrol, is an interview/meet & greet in one which takes place before the 1st lessons begins.

This gives a relaxed, safe & happy 1st lesson. As we place much value of happiness and safety.

Our Approach in doing interviews is to understand any past music background knowledge, assess & prepare for the 1st lesson.

As lessons are one on one, this Music School & Tutorial caters for each students individuality in learning their instrument through their chosen course to strive, believe & achieve.

Violin and Music Sheet
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