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April Newsletter

Hello Parents and Students, how are you all?

A much belated newsletter for the month, after all we have been through over the past 2 years things back to normal and getting busier again. (Even during the school holidays)

I hope you are all enjoying the remainder of the school holidays and had a very lovely Easter Long Weekend! - and the bunny dropped off some goodies for you all!

First off I would to say a massive THANK YOU to all the parents and students over Term 1 for having a great Term and we all finding our feet again in learning music - it makes Term 2 so exciting to finally get back into the swing of things!

Secondly, I have been very fortunate to stay in touch with a few past students and having some lovely unexpected suprise visits, messages  and calls too and seeing them grow and travel in their new journeys of life, seeing them blossom into wonderful, kind and strong young people of society :)

In the present though as we enter Term 2 next week, I would like to start Term 2 with a motto and carry that forward for as long as we need to and think about values in lessons and other aspects of our lives.

For Term 2 the studio's motto is -
"Set, Believe, Strive & Achieve"
As we keep this in mind, the students will be:
"Set" with Goals for the term
"Believe" they can because they have Support from family, friends and myself anf themselves
"Strive" through Practice and work hard
"Achieve" at the end of Term 2 we can Reflect at what was accomplished during the term.

This will also be in their personalised E-Logs to remind them weekly and on the studio's wall.

To inspire students with new skills and stay consistant, to be encouraging, for students to take initiative, be committed and for them to practice what is taught.

I will be sending out next week to Parents and Students their personalised lesson structure for the term, so we know what we need to do, parents can follow along and keep the learning process and our communication triangle (parent-teacher-student) as transparent as possible. 
Both Parents & Students will be given a debrief at the end of the Term, so we all know where we stand and see what we have accomplished.

Keep well and stay safe!

Love the music, Feel the Sound at Ivory & Strings Music Studio​

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