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December Newsletter

Hello Parents and Students, 

We are end of the year for 2022 and would like to say a massive thank you to everyone for an interesting year!

A list of thank yous for 2021 from Ivory & Strings Music Studio...

For those who are leaving the studio and moving on to other interests and the next part of their education. I know its never an easy decision. Regardless you have my support 100% and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. It's been a pleasure teaching you all over our time together. May you strive to achieve all you wish and dream for! You will be missed!

As for those who are new and starting out a massive welcome! Thank you for enrolling here, I hope you all enjoy your learning experience and pick up amazing skills and embrace your musical confidence!

For all the parents and students keeping me in the loop of covid outbreaks in their schools and jumping online for your lessons. Thank you for keeping the studio and community safe!

For the wonderful and positive feedback from parents and student of the new additional lesson logs and the interactive students music sessions for at home practice and the flexablity of online lesson. Thank you, I really appricate your thoughts and insights.

I do and will continue to move with the times and keep the studio modern and run the studio as smoothly as possible!

Also a few quick news, notices and updates coming up...

ALL students have a test on their 1st lesson back, this will be for the 1st week of every Term, as too many students "forgot" or neglect practice over the holidays and we fall behind and it gets a little tiring and frustrating that all our hard work ends up down the drain. So this a good solution. 

All the students know and are aware of what they need to do and what to practice. They will be marked, students and parents will receive a report and what needs to be improved on during that term.

So I encourage students to maintain 15mins of practice a day over the holidays, they also have in their lesson logs video links, if they get really stuck they are more than welcome to message me on Skype.

As we look towards 2022, the calendar is now up on the website -

Any students or parents who have any 2021 creative kids vouchers, please sms them in and I can forward them for Term 1 2022 invoices. Any vouchers sent in after 31st December 2021 are automatically expired.

When 2022 Creative Kids Vochures become available and sms will be sent out with a link to apply.

For More info -

Term 1 Invoices will be sent out from 18th December and will be due and need to be paid in full on our 1st lesson back in 2022, a reminder will be sent 3 days before.


I received an email, the AMEB will be viewing the students exams this Saturday 11th December, so we will be receiving our results in the coming days! Fingers Crossed!!!

If students wish to continue over the hoildays, I will take bookings from the 19th December 2021.

A FINAL Thank you to everyone for your support, understanding and adapting during 2021, we got through one of our toughest times.

From my family to yours, may you all keep safe and have a wonderful Christmas break and a fantastic new year!


Kindest Regards,


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