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January Newsletter

Hello & Happy New Year Parents and Students!!!

Hope you all had wonderful and safe new years celebrations and your Christmas was magical!

As of today the studio is offically open for students to return to lessons and get an early start on their courses.

As meantioned yesterday 2022's Creative Kids Vouchers are now available to apply and claim for, here is direct link - and recieve $100 off your invoice!

Also Ivory & Strings Music Studio have been on social media platform Instagram for quite sometime and over these January holidays will be posting up memorable moments of students progression and lesson time over the last year.

Keeping and following the "No Face No Name" Policy as stated in the Studio Policies.

To see these daily posts, (starting from tomorrow) you can visit - OR "follow" @ivoryandstringsmusicstudio via Instagram.

I have also been working on a weekly overview of so instrument courses for Parents & Students to keep you all informed of what is being covered for term 1, also because since the pandemic alot of communications to parents have drastically changed over the past 2 years, from having a chat at the start or before the lessons ends to now SMS's and monthly newsletters on this website!

Currently up is the AMEB students -

At the moment this covers all topics so far.

UPDATE: 17th January, 2022

AMEB Results have been sent in and I am so proud of everyones efforts especially during the last 2 years! 

I have already contacted and organised pick ups and deliveries of the reports & certificates.
I am pretty sure we will be doing the same Video Exams for this year too - I have made a note of it and will keep everyone informed.

Term 1 Lessons are just around the corner and covid cases rising and more of us are in isolation, we maybe experiencing a mix of online and face2face lessons again. The studio will be open for face2face lessons, (Masks will need to be worn in the studio) although if students or myself need as we have done over the past 2 years - jump online for their lessons.


What's more, on the first week back we are meant to be having a test, so that will be very interesting how that will unfold, of course there will be adjustments!

During the 1st & 2nd week I will be sending through current student/parent enrolment information and if parents could review and if need be update any changes that have been made.

Kindest Regards & Please Stay Safe!!!


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