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October Newsletter

Hello Parents & Students!

UPDATE as of 18th October 2021

There is a video up on the studio's YouTube page regarding Face 2 Face Lessons -

The Studio Policies have also been updated and takes into affect from 24th October 2021 -

An update of the COVID safety plan will be updated by the end of the week and will be up on the this website!

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Love the music, feel the sound, Ivory & Strings Music Studio

Hope you all have been safe and well during this time, I think all of us have been facing things that have been challenges over the past few weeks of lockdown.

First and foremost, I would like to extend a big THANK YOU and immense gratitude to parents and students for continuing lessons online during this time, 
learning new skills and adapting to situations and keep moving forward.

Like many of us we are just wanting and waiting for things to open up and get out of lockdown!

Which bring me to a second exciting note, as Term 4 is approaching, and we are on our way to coming out of lockdown, I will leave it up to parents and students to contact me regarding your return to lessons for face to face or online.


Please understand, I have tried to keep as many of the same lesson times available from pre-lockdown, though some of the current online students have changed their lesson times and any new students or returning students may need to need to pick what times are left on the timetable.
Thirdly, I have posted up on the studios Instagram page on what the studio looks like interiorly and exteriorly and will give a glimpse of how lessons will be conducted - here's a link

Also, by the end of this week there will also be an update on 2 important documents - STUDIO POLICIES & COVID SAFETY PLAN which will be posted up and sent out to you all. 

Fourthly, here is a checklist for lessons so we are all prepared!

- Lesson/Course Book/Sheet Music

- Pencil case with pencils, rubbers, highlighters

- Bottle of water, Tissues & Sanitizer (there is a “Sanitization Station” in the studio)

- A device (Phone, Laptop, Computer, Tablet/iPad)

- Skype account (with their notifications turned on) for homework

- YouTube (for the “Ivory & Strings Music Studio” YouTube channel)

- An instrument of their learning preference.

- Nails are cut and clean

- A mask (in the studio)

- Positive Attitude & Smile! 😊

Last by not least, AMEB exam invoices have already begun to be sent to parents and Term 4 invoices will be send out by the end of the week, so if you have any Creative Kids Voucher for 2021 can still be applied for, if you have one or not yet used it.

Contact me for more information.

Important Dates For AMEB Exam Students

3rd October -  Term 4 officially starts

10th October - Last day for AMEB exam payment.

11th October - AMEB exam payment will be sent off at 3pm.

12th October - 31st October - AMEB recording sessions.

1st November - AMEB recordings will be sent in at 3pm.

18th December - LAST DAY FOR LESSONS for 2021

Take care and keep safe,


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