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Hello Parents & Students, how are you all? Hope you all have been safe and well during this time, I think all of us have been facing things that have been challenges over the past few weeks of lockdown. First and foremost I would like to extend a big THANK YOU and immense gratitude to parents and students for continuing lessons online during this time. Over the past 2 yrs we all have been knocked about to a degree and learnt to adapt to our situations and kept going, I am happy to say personally- I feel in such a better headspace than I did last year and proud of myself in getting to a point of myself where I was at my peak pre 2020 - I really missed that part of me.

On an even more exciting note as Term 4 is approaching, here is a checklist for lessons so we are all prepared!

- Lesson/Course Book/Sheet Music

- Pencil case with pencils, rubbers, highlighters

- Bottle of water, Tissues & Sanitizer (there is a “Sanitization Station” in the studio)

- A device (Phone, Laptop, Computer, Tablet/iPad)

- Skype & account (with their notifications turned on)

- YouTube (for the “Ivory & Strings Music Studio” YouTube channel)

- An instrument of their learning preference.

- A mask

- Positive Attitude & Smile! 😊

A copy of the checklist can be found on the "Studios Policies" page of this site, it is in guidance of NSW health and the COVID safe plan.

There have been a few updates on Instagram (signs and lessons in the studio & AMEB exams recording sessions)

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