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Returning To Lessons

Hello Parents & Students!

Miss Natalie here! Hope you all enjoyed your summer break!

Just sending a few important messages throughout today via SMS and Skype, as term 1 is fast approaching to ensure our 1st  lesson back is a happy, safe and prepared one!

First off regarding lessons, I will be leaving it up to you and your families if online or face to face lessons feel the safest, just message me what your preferred option is, so I won't waste the start of the lesson by calling, messaging or chasing as every student's lesson time is valuable.

If anything should happen we MUST make sure we can jump online for that particular lesson for the week.

If you wish to do online, but there is a clash in your current lesson schedule - please contact me to sort it out.

I have also put together an updated "Online Music Lesson Guide" on the studios YouTube channel


Secondly, making sure we are all prepared in what to bring for lessons (it's not just your lesson books), students will need to step up their responsibilities and stay organised throughout the term.

If you do attend lessons in the studio please MASK UP.

Also one of the biggest things to point out is making sure your/Students Skype account is accessible (some students mentioned they forgot their password and had to make new accounts) to receive your lesson work and extra videos to help at home with practice, (and to communicate with me if you get stuck at any point - I am happy to help!)

I will be checking to make sure we have everything, at the start of our lesson from this week.

Here is helpful checklist to get started -

Thirdly, payment is also due this week, if parents and students need me to resend invoices, please contact me.

To help with payments we have the "CREATIVE KIDS VOUCHER" program for 2022.

There is a link below, so please apply and send them through along with the students date of birth.

Furthermore, if your friends or family have any creative kids vouchers that they will not be using and can apply for and give to you to use (especially for those who maybe be struggling, as the last 2 years have been very hard) Please forward them through, along with their date of birth and I can deduct as payment.


Thank you as of now, if there is anything I have missed or you wish to further discuss, do not hestitate to call me, I am happy to help with any inquiry, question or concern.

Take care and keep safe, Natalie

Love the music, feel the sound,
Ivory & Strings Music Studio

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