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Policies may be updated at any time, to help keep the studio and all those attending run as smoothly as possible. The studio is always evolving and finding new ways to improve and grow with the use of technology, apps, and devices.


This business is registered and certified to ASIC & Service NSW with and ABN.

Note from Miss Natalie: I must highlight the need of flexibility between face to face and online lessons if anything should occur.


Instrument & Course

All students enrolled at Ivory & Strings Music Studio will pick their chosen Instrument from the range available for the term, with the courses available from those Instruments available, Students will need to be sure they have access to the following,

  • Lesson/Course Book/Sheet Music

  • Pencil case with pencils, rubbers, highlighters

  • Bottle of water, Tissues & Sanitizer (there is a “Sanitization Station” in the studio)

  • Skype & account (with their notifications turned on) for homework

  • YouTube (for the “Ivory & Strings Music Studio” YouTube channel)

  • A working instrument of their learning preference for home.

  • Nails cut

  • A mask (in the studio)

  • Positive Attitude & Smile! 😊


When attending lessons please be prompt on arrivals and pick-ups** OR when jumping online.


**Depending on what the update is from NSW health, limitations may change as the number of people are allowed inside the studio.



All students enrolled at Ivory & Strings Music Studio are requied to commit to lessons as provided by the studios calendar as I have commited the time for teaching during those times. There may be times where lessons may fall on a public holiday during the term - Arrangements will been made and parents will be notified at the start of the term.

Lesson can taken by the following alternatives;

  1. Face to Face in the studio.

  2. To jump online (via Skype) during your usual lesson time.

  3. Send personalised video tutorials during your usual lesson time of what students need to work on for that week, (as their lessons are personalised and planned throughout the term) via their skype accounts.

  4. If there is a sibling, they can take that time for the week.

The same alternatives also apply to myself, if I, the teacher I am unwell or unable to teach for that lesson OR if lockdowns or self-isolation occurs.

Cancelled/Missed Lessons  

There are no deducation/credited/forward payments or refunds, it is considered a loss of pay otherwise, to keep the studio running.
The lesson can be rescheduled to the school holidays or the other alternatives - t
o go online during the lesson time or have the other sibling cover eachother for that week.

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS ARE AUTOMATICALLY RESCHEDULED - as lessons are personalised and pre planned for each student, and they are each given 30mins, weekly. over 10 weeks per term, equally.

TRAVELLING/HOLDAYS - during the lesson term falls into the same category as a missed lesson.

School Holidays 

Are optional - an SMS will be sent out in week 8 of the term to make a booking.

Course Payment & What It Covers

Payment will be made termly once enrolled at Ivory & Strings Music Studio which can be made through bank transfer or in cash.

Invoices will be sent a term in advance and must be paid in full before the term starts. Lesson will not proceed until payment is made in full.

An invoice will be sent vis SMS and transfer details are on the invoice, with a receipt sent via SMS after payment has been received.


Please note, payment just does not cover the lesson as it also covers, the course, it's materials, lesson planning and preparation and the running costs of the studio (insurances, licences & WWCC)


Any extra costs of Instruments, books or songs will be purchased by me on the student’s behalf added on the invoice, if parents have the books or can borrow from a friend or relative - those are welcome too – providing they are the correct ones.

This is to ensure the studio is a safe, healthy, happy, and professional environment for learning.

Student Participation & Progression

Participation & Progression are an integral part of learning. Students will be asked to participate and complete weekly actives and there will be a test and a report sent to parents at the end of the term to show progression through the levels of competency.

Students and Parents will be sent a copy of a termly view via Skype of what will be learnt within their instrument course and their topics of the term.


Parents Participation & Discussion

Parents are ALWAYS encouraged to sit in during lessons. (Please note that there is a limit of 3 people inside the studio at one time, to keep social distancing. So, I and 2 others are allowed in the studio at a given time.)


If any parent wishes to discuss about lesson, progression, or general inquiry that they take place at the start of the lesson or book in a time to call outside studio hours as every student’s time is valuable.


Code of Conduct

Conduct issues might include continued lateness, absence, refusal to co-operate or bullying. It might include violent behaviour and other crimes, so clear communication between Parents, Students and Teacher are essential.

All students are treated with utmost respect and professionalism and expect the same in return. If any conduct issues should arise a discussion of those involved in hopes to successfully resolution.

If reasonable attempts to resolve conduct issues are unsuccessful, lessons may be terminated immediately, and any remaining lessons paid for will be forfeited as there are no refunds.


Staying Informed

For parents & students staying formed and updated with important information throughout the year will be on several platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Google and the Studio’s Website.

They can all be found here:


Parents will be sent via SMS any updates with links to any of these platforms for further information.


Media Release

Parents here by consent to and authorize Ivory & Strings Music Studio to capture and use video or audio recording during lesson in accordance with a strict “no face, no name, sheet music or hands policy”.

A strict “no face, no name, sheet music or hands only” policy. Which only allows the recording to be of the student’s hands or of the sheet music the student is playing. Students will NOT be identified in any way, but only as “student”.

The media will be posted/published on the Studio’s website, Facebook or Instagram as promotion and marketing for the studio to reach a wider audience.



Toilets are available on the premises.

Parking and Road Safety

There is ample parking on the street.


Please do not park in or across the studio’s driveway or neighbouring driveway as there have been several accidents/incidents of car crashes, children nearly being hit by cars backing out and police handing out fines.

Furthermore, the driveway is active for a lot of the family members who reside on the permissions. 


As a safety precaution please come to the door to pick up your child. They will remain inside until you come to the door. Do not beep your horn to signal your child to come to the car.



Lesson Timetable & Calendar

For lesson availabilities please contact me, the studios calendar can be found on this site (2022 calendar is already up)

These policies shall come into effect as from 22nd January 2022.

For further information or any other enquiries regarding these policies please do not hesitate to contact me on the details below.


Kind Regards,




Ivory & Strings Music Studio (ABN 31676369264)                              

Phone: 0407781127




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